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This is the Align M470L Quadcopter Super Combo Kit, with an APS-M Flight Controller + GPS, PCU (Power Control Unit), four BL4214 Motors, four ESC's, Landing Skids and the G2 Gimbal. The M470L features an industrial and structural design to provide the pinnacle of drone power and beauty. With its mind blowing high speed agility, combined with its rock solid static stability, this quad exceeds expectations for both aerial photographers and sports flyers, thanks to its stability control system, lightweight design, long flight times and the ability to carry heavy payloads. Plus, its lightweight and easy to pack design allows effortless transportation that makes it a great choice for enthusiasts of all levels. 470L Specifications: Airframe Diameter: 710mm Height: 266mm Main Blade Length: 179mm Main Rotor Diameter: 391mm Flying Weight(without battery): 2500g


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