About Visalia Hobbies

Welcome to Visalia Hobbies! Central California's Premier Full Line Hobby Shop. We carry the best in our favorite hobby so you do not have to worry about what is great and what is mediocre. We look for and stock only the best hobby stuff out there. Weekly, we look at new releases, existing releases and future releases to keep our selection fresh and up to date for you. Our website is only a sampling of what we carry. Our website mission is to be an extension of our store, not a carbon copy of the physical store or just carrying everything available. This way your valued time on our site is efficient and productive. You will find resourceful, experience driven information especially on which products are best for a hobbyist's use and enjoyment. Our site is organic and will constantly be changing. If you do not see something you want, call us at 559-734-8072. If you have suggestions, please let us know at sales@visaliahobbies.com. Now sit back and have some fun at Visalia Hobbies!

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